10 Best Spotify Playlists For Every Mood – June 2024

If you’re a moody person and feel hard to find songs according to your mood then this post is just for you. In this post, we are going to share 10 of the best Spotify playlists for every mood. No matter how you’re feeling, you’ll find the right choice of music playlists here in this article. We have gathered the best playlists for happy, sad, romantic, party, rap, rock, and all other mood swings.

You can find the lists and add them to your Spotify to enjoy the relevant music of your taste all the time. You don’t have to rush on Spotify to find the songs by searching through the music genre anymore, these playlists have hundreds of songs to fill you in. So, let’s not wait for any more minutes and get started on exploring the best Spotify playlists for every mood.

10 Best Spotify Playlists For Every Mood

Some of these playlists are widely popular on Spotify, and a few are still underrated. But the music in the playlists is relevant to one another and delivers the vibes that you’re looking for. Apart from this, most of these playlists are active, which means you’ll get to see updates of more songs and the latest tracks in the list. So, let’s get started and check out the best Spotify playlists for your mood:

Chillout 2024

The Chillout 2024 has an amazing summer collection of songs that you’ll surely like if you love to listen to the sunniest music. You can listen to these songs while you’re working in the summer, travel to any place on your ride to enjoy the roads, or spend a happy evening with your speakers by playing these songs on them.


If you love working out and want to get more power at GYM, Cardio is going to be your partner. It has a collection of songs that help you to get an instant boost in your workout sessions. Listening to the songs from this playlist will fill you with motivation and keep you inspired to stay focused on your goals. Play the songs in the gym or while running to never feel tired anymore.

Massive Drums & Bass

If you’re a bass lover then this playlist is just for you, it has a collection of beats, drums, and bass songs. You can play this playlist at a house party, chilling out in your room, or while having fun with your friends at any outside location. All the songs are available for every region and they help you to move your body to dance or work with more energy.

Guilty Pleasures

If you’re with your date and want to set the mood romantic then Guilty Pleasures is there to help you. With these songs, you can impress your partner and make the moments more romantic naturally. These songs are the best in the segment and deliver a catchy vibe that nobody can resist. So, make sure to add this playlist to your Spotify before going on a date night.


If you’re comfortable with your own company and love to spend time alone to feel the calmness then this playlist can surely help you. It has songs that help you to improve your life, let you feel happy, and boost your mood to vibe alone, anywhere. You can listen to these songs on your speakers or put on your headphones to feel alive by listening to the most happening songs.

Your Favorite Coffeehouse

If you’re all alone at a coffee break then you should play the songs from the Your Favorite Coffeehouse playlist. It will change your mood into happiness and let you enjoy your break to the fullest. Feel relaxed while listening to the calm songs, you can play these tracks on your coffee dates also. They won’t disappoint you by crushing your mood, instead, they will help you to build the bond stronger and make the moment memorable.

Japanese Lofi HipHop

Need music to deliver you calmness and peace of mind? This playlist will surely deliver you the vibes that you’re looking for. It has an impressive amount of Lofi beats and hip-hop tracks that you can listen to while you’re studying or lying down on the bed. Lofi Beats has all the popular and underrated beats that you may have heard somewhere before. Add the playlist to your Spotify to check out the complete collection of music tracks.

80s Mix

Do you love listening to the vintage music tracks and evergreen songs of all time? The 80s mix has a collection of songs that were popular in the back 80s and still have enough energy to deliver a nostalgic vibe. If you want to explore the popular music tracks of old times, then you have the correct playlist in your hands.

Morning Instrumental

If you’re a morning person and the first thing you do in the morning is listen to music, then we have the best pick for you. With this Morning Instrumental Spotify playlist you can enhance the morning energy into good works, listen to the songs while you’re on a morning walk, preparing breakfast, or getting ready for the job, it will keep you motivated and happy all day if you start your day listening to these musical tracks.

Deep Focus

After the morning, you have a long day left to spend, so what you’re going to listen to for the rest of the day? Try the Deep Focus playlist because it has a bunch of songs that deliver serious productivity and help you to stay focused all day. You can listen to these songs while you’re working, doing your regular chores, or working on your day shifts at any place.


In the end, we hope you guys have found some interesting playlists for your mood and feel happy to have personalized music tracks on your Spotify. If you guys also have any playlists that you want to share with everyone then feel free to drop the sharing links of your playlists in the comments below. We will be happy to explore your lists and if they seem relevant and have some hidden gems of music in them, we will surely feature your playlists in this article’s next update.

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