Spotify Waiting to Download – Best Easy FIXES

If you’re facing Spotify Waiting to Download Error then it’s nothing serious or new on the internet. Hundreds of people have reported these issues and found the relevant solutions to fix them on their own. However, it is too difficult to find the exact cause behind the Spotify Waiting to Download problem.

In this post, we are going to know about why this problem occurs and the best ways to solve the problem without spending more than a single minute. If you’re looking for quick solutions then we suggest you uninstall and re-install the Spotify app on your device and check if starts working normally, if not then follow the below methods.

Spotify Waiting to Download: Easy Solutions

solve Spotify Waiting to Download

Spotify is widely popular for its music streaming services and it allows the users to explore the online library of music and let them download the tracks offline. If you love to keep the tracks saved to listen to them while you’re offline but are stuck with the Spotify Waiting to Download issue then you’re at the right place. Below, we have mentioned a list of things that could cause this issue and the solutions to fix the problem. Let’s check out:

Update The Spotify App

how to Update Spotify App

Always stick with the latest version of the Spotify App to never face any issues like waiting to download or no internet connection errors. Keep checking for the updates on your App Store to get the latest version whenever it gets in the air. You can enable the push notification services to get alerts whenever a new update comes out so you can update your Spotify app. If you find a newer version of Spotify on the store then you should update the app instantly.

Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes low-speed internet can cause Spotify’s Waiting to Download issue on the app. Make sure you have a strong internet connection so the problem isn’t caused because of connectivity failures. If you’re connected to an open network or WiFi then there are chances that multiple people are using the same network and the speed is too low to buffer the songs. Try reconnecting with the Wifi or internet to get a strong connection for your device.

You can also lower the sound quality of Spotify from the settings, this will help you to load the music even with a weak internet connection but you will have to deal with a low-quality stream.

Manage Space & Storage

If your device is running on low storage then you should manage the storage and clear some space. As the download process begins on Spotify, it needs a free space to keep the offline tracks on your device and if your device isn’t ready to provide the storage, you will face the waiting to download error on Spotify.

We recommend you use a cleaner app on your device to manage the space for your applications. This will also help you clean the storage by removing all the unnecessary files, duplicate videos, and unused documents from your gallery. You will find the cleaner app on the app store and it will be a free application that anybody can install and use on their devices.

Make sure to have enough space on your device while you try to download music, albums, or even podcasts. You can also attach an external memory card to get some additional storage for your device.

Clear Cookie/Cache of Spotify

If the above steps didn’t work out then you should clear the cache of your app. The cache holds the memory of your recent actions on the app and saves the information about the music that you’ve explored, the list that you’ve seen, and the other actions to help you load the same pages faster the next time. Every application has its cookie and cache stored in the settings that you can remove to get ready for a fresh start. If you remove the cache of Spotify it will remove all the issues and bugs that you’re facing and let you start the app again with a smooth transition.

To clear the cache of Spotify, follow the below steps:

For Android Users

  1. Open your Android device and go to settings.
  2. Scroll down to Apps and Click on the Spotify.
  3. Find the Storage options and click on them to see the details.
  4. Press the Clear Cache option, it’s at the bottom.
  5. Confirm your action and clear the cache of Spotify.

For iOS Users

  1. Unlock your iPhone and go to settings.
  2. Scroll down and Click on the General option.
  3. Find the iPhone Storage option and click on it.
  4. Explore the list of apps and find the Spotify App.
  5. Click on the Spotify app and choose to clear the cache.
  6. Press the Allow button to clear the cache of Spotify from the iPhone.
  7. Thats it.

Check Your Subscription

how to Check spotify Subscription

As you already know, Spotify offers both free and paid membership to users. Where the free trial members have to pact with limited options and paid members can enjoy the full potential of Spotify. Downloading the tracks offline is also a feature that is compromised here. You can only download a limited format in the trial version and there’s a limit on the number of downloads. But if you have the subscription, you’re good to go and download whatever you want without dealing with the numbers.

So, make sure to check your subscription plans to find the details of whether you have the membership or not. If the membership is expired, then you can renew the plans and continue enjoying the online or offline streams.


So these are the easy solutions for Spotify’s Waiting to Download error. If you have found the solution for your issue and it works fine, let us know about the steps that you’ve followed. Help the other visitors by sharing your quick tips to guide them about how they can solve the issues in one go. If you want to mention some more details about this article then feel free to use our comments box. Also, you can share the other issues related to Spotify that you often face, we will try to resolve them in short.

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