Best Podcasts on Spotify – You Shouldn’t Miss!!!

Do you listen to the podcasts when you’re free but bored of the overrated shows? Here in this post, we will share the 10 best podcasts on Spotify that you’ll surely love. These podcasts cover most of the genres and let you know about a variety of categories including drama, horror stories, tech and modern gadgets, politics, and documentaries. The hosts of these shows may or may not be popular, but the content is worth checking, that’s why we are mentioning the only top 10 podcasts on Spotify for everyone.

10 Best Podcasts on Spotify

Best Podcasts on Spotify

Most of the time we start a podcast just because we saw an advertisement of the host on the app, but do you have any other reviews or recommendations of the podcast? Well, the answer is a clear NO. That’s why we are here to suggest you the 10 best podcasts on Spotify of all time. Some of these podcasts are popular, and a few are still underrated, but trust us, all of these podcasts are worth to listen. So, without taking any more minutes of yours, let’s find out the podcasts for you.

Darknet Dairies

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Those who love crime and technology together will surely love this podcast channel. This podcast has a bunch of investigative tapes from the host Jack Rhysider. He covers up all the important topics related to technology, cyber security, cybercrime, and other relevant terms. If you’re a tech enthusiast then you must add the Darknet Dairies into your playlist because you will get to learn a lot from these podcasts.


Best Spotify Podcasts

It’s more of a TV show now because it’s now officially releasing the 7th season. It has fans from all around the world and they share their love and stories with the host. The podcast is about listening to the stories of different houses, personalities, and problems. The host also tries to solve the causes if possible and assist the needy with a positive attitude. The stories you get to hear on the show include horror, thrill, drama, funny, and sometimes romantic.

Armchair Expert

Best Spotify Podcasts to listen

Armchair Expert is always in gossip because the interviews of this podcast are unbiased and unbelievable. The characters you meet here are widely popular because of their names, families, or work. The host interviewed the most popular personalities around the world including Barack Obama, Prince Harry, and many more. If you’re interested to know about the lifestyle and backstories of the popular personalities then you should check out Armchair Expert podcast.

Conspiracy Theories

Best Spotify Podcasts for everyone

One of our favorite podcast shows because it covers all the unbelievable and unrealistic questions and answers them with great theories. You’ll find the most interesting and believable theories about aliens, bitcoin, the moon landing, the end of Earth, and many more. The host explains all the theories with facts, adds information, and provides context to let you believe these theories from the heart.

How I Built This

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Want to know the backstories of all the popular companies? This podcast covers all the facts and history lessons related to the firm. You’ll get to know about the richest entrepreneurs in history and how they build the greatest brands of all time. You can also learn a lot from the podcast if you’re new to a business or planning to work on a startup idea.

Twenty Thousand Hertz

If you ever wonder how the certain sound of an intro video, or background sounds of animation films are made, then this podcast will help you to learn everything about it. In this podcast, you will find knowledge about how music artists and composers use different items to create amazing sounds for different purposes. Know about how they dub the videos and overlay the multiple sound effects on animation films and much more.

Crime Show

Another podcast filled with a lot of thrill and mystery. The podcast is based on true events and investigations, the stories that you hear on the show are unbelievable. Most of the stories are related to crime, and robbery, and a lot darker than that. If you’re a soft-hearted person then this podcast isn’t for you because you may not see the visuals, but the explanations will surely create a scenario around you to look into the crime scene.

Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

This podcast holds a great story of a con queen from Hollywood. The crime may not be that big, but the stories are truly interesting. You will get to know about the cleverness of the culprit, violence, crime, chase, and many more twists waiting for you in the podcast. If you love the heist stories, then this is going to be your favorite podcast for sure.


A perfect podcast for the geeks who love to explore science and technology together. This podcast is all about the different types of chemical reactions, animal chains, and how things change from a scientific perspective. You will know about the sun, moon, stars, and solar system with basic to unheard knowledge that nobody knows yet. So, if you’re a student of science then you should surely give this podcast a chance.

Breaking Bread

Stay in touch with all the latest and current affairs with the Breaking Bread Podcast. it’s a podcast where people can find information about the trending headlines, popular highlights, and upcoming events in detail. It covers all the funny and viral things trending on the internet to provide value to the listeners. If you want to stay updated with the facts and figures around you, then you must start listening to Breaking Bread now.


So these are the 10 best podcasts on Spotify that we love the most. If you have any suggestions that you may like to share with us then feel free to tell us about your taste and choices in the comments. We will be glad to check out your suggestions and surely feature your favorite podcasts in our next update. Till then, explore the list and tell us which one is your favorite among all these podcasts.

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