How Much Does the Spotify Pay Per Stream?

Are you an artist and want to know How Much Spotify Pay Per Stream to the creators? Well, you’re at the right place because in this article we are going to pick every possible way to make money through Spotify. Also, we will guide you about how Spotify payout works and the types of royalties to let you easily find the differences.

If you’re a beginner and have a good fan base of listeners for your songs or music albums then you can try uploading your songs on Spotify. It’s not that hard if you’re signed under a label or even if you’re doing it all alone, you can still upload your songs on Spotify and earn a handsome amount of royalties or direct credits. Let’s explore the different ways and learn about each step in detail:

How Much Does Spotify Pay Per Stream?

How Much Does Spotify Pay Per Stream

It’s officially said by the team of Spotify that they normally pay the artists between $0.003 to $0.005 for every single stream. This isn’t any low because you could easily get thousands of streams for your music if it’s worth listening to. Apart from this, there are some other complications that you should know. Spotify doesn’t pay you directly the amount to you, you must have to share a part of your earnings with Spotify. It’s like a commission you’re paying to Spotify to provide you with a platform where you can upload and keep your content and let everyone know about it.

You will get 70% of the income and the rest 30% will be taken by Spotify. Like, If you make 1000 dollars, you will get $700 before tax, and Spotify will get the $300. And, if you’re uploading the songs under a label and sharing the earnings with our partners, it will go much lower than that. It’s all up to you and your team about how you share the money and what’s written in the contract.

Why Choose Spotify?

Why Choose Spotify

You may have a question now in your mind if Spotify is taking almost 30% of every payout you make, why do you still have to choose Spotify as your primary platform? Because:

  • Spotify doesn’t have anything other than music on their platform so it’s easier to find the audience who’s been looking for music only.
  • It allows you to fill in the details of your music like, including the lyrics, adding the artists, producers, and composer names along with the labels.
  • You can select the genre of your music while uploading it on Spotify, to make it easy and simple for users to find your songs quickly.
  • Once you’ve uploaded your content, you don’t have to make any changes or fill any forums again.
  • It’s a reliable platform that is on the top for online music streaming, you will not find any competitor with this much of an active audience anywhere.
  • The payout rates are reasonable and it doesn’t make your music annoying by spamming it with multiple advertisements.

How Spotify Counts Music Streams?

Algorithms are running in the background that keep tracking all the streaming counts of the content. There are some big announcements shared by the officials to let the artists get an idea about how Spotify counts music streams. If you’re interested to know some deep information then check these facts:

The official update from Spotify about counting music was based on behalf of users’ listening time. If you listen to a song for more than 30 seconds, it will be counted as a single successful stream.

Therefore, it wasn’t meant to be all true after 2024 because they’ve changed the policies and now it’s around 70% of the listening time to count it as a single stream. Like, if there is a track of 3 minutes, then the users must have to listen to the music for 2 minutes or more.

These algorithms are developing themselves to help the artists get only genuine traffic and don’t get any hits by the AI or bots with spam traffic. It is also applicable to the Spotify Royalties System.

How Does Spotify Payout Work?

How Does Spotify Payout Work

Spotify doesn’t pay you directly the whole amount, there are some procedures that you go through to get your payments. Before you start calculating the income you’re getting, make sure to debit the distributors and platform fees first. Let us explain the distribution of payments in a simple way:

Spotify takes a share of the total revenue as the platform fee for keeping and sharing your content worldwide. It will be a fixed commission that they will keep from every payout.

If your music is signed under a label and it’s already charging Spotify for another few songs, then the payment will be credited to the respective Label Owners.

Apart from this, if your music has distributors and multiple sharing partners in the income then it’s up to you. Spotify will only credit the whole amount in a single account, whatever you choose.

The revenue will not remain all the time even if you’re getting the same amount of views and streams on your music albums.

The revenue is based on the location of the streamers, if the user is listening from a top tie country the income will be more.


In the end, we hope you guys have gathered all the necessary information about How Much Spotify Pay Per Stream and how to make money through Spotify. If you guys have any doubts related to the payouts or payment procedures, let us know about it through the comments. We will be glad to hear your response and try to help you with positive results.

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