How to Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify? – Tips and Tricks

Are you an artist and looking for a huge traffic drive on your music tracks or playlists on Spotify? Follow our guide because we are going to share the best yet simple steps that any beginner can do, to engage with more audience and Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify.

You don’t have to hire any marketing agencies anymore to create viral media advertisements for your music track. If you believe in your tracks and want to target the actual audience to convert them into your fans, then you should check out the below tips.

How to Get More Listeners on Spotify – Best Methods

How to Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify

Spotify has millions of active users per minute and it’s hard to find the people who are interested in your music all alone. If you’re planning to upload your music and wait for the public to come naturally, then it’s not good to work out. You must have to fix some things on Spotify to get a boost on your profile and make your content viral every time you post anything. These simple steps to Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify are personally tested by hundreds of new artists and it worked for all of them.

Create Your Artists Profile

How to Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify App

Start with creating a professional portfolio for your artistic profile. You should mention all the important details, profile pictures, achievements, and the most popular tracks in your profile. This will help the audience to easily identify you as an artist and let them remember you by your name, face, or tracks with ease.

In Spotify, every artist will get the features to set up their dashboard with the necessary details. You can add your tracks and albums under your name to let people listen to your masterpieces without leaving your profile page. You should add external links to let them find you on your other social media handlers, such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

Upload Generous Music

Don’t use the copyrighted audio tracks or beats in your songs. If you’re going to upload the songs on Spotify, make sure all the elements and vocals of the songs are genuine and have all the belonging rights to you. Focus on the quality of your songs rather than quantity, no matter how many songs you upload, if they don’t even have proper layers and arrangement of vocals.

If you start uploading quality music on Spotify, you will surely score a good seat to make your content go viral. Make sure to add the category and genre in your music to let the people find it helpful and get it in their suggestions. Use pleasant sound effects and try to keep it simple rather than filling the music layers with dozens of multiple background voices.

Get Referral Traffic

You can share your music tracks on your social profiles to get referral traffic instantly on your playlist. It’s a free and genuine way to drive hundreds or thousands of your fans and followers on Spotify just by posting the links and previews of your music tracks on your stories. Pick a phrase out of your song that seems the best lines of the track and create short videos or reels with it. Reels are the easiest way to get viral on the internet in today’s era. If you start getting positive reviews and people like the lines from your song, they will surely start creating reels on it.

You can approach popular influencers or media artists who can help you promote your songs on all social media platforms without much effort. Don’t spam the inboxes of your friends with your referral links because it seems annoying and nobody would like to open those links so, behave professionally.

Stay Up For Collaboration

Not only influencers, if you know some artists who are willing to collaborate and ready to make new music with you. It’s not necessary to create a new track always, you can still exchange the followers if you start hanging out with those big influencers or artists. Not in real, but on social media or in live streams.

Most of the beginning artists are available for the collaborative posts and they will be happy if you approach them first. Choose the artists carefully and collaborate with the artists of the same music genre to let people appreciate your content.

Build Your Brand

Once you have thousands of followers on your Spotify profile, you can add labels and other marks to your profile. This will help make your profile look professional because you have connections with popular music labels and industries. If you have music from different channels and labels, this will help you get the audience from multiple channels. You can also upload and share the music under your name to start branding your name from the beginning. This will surely take time but it’s worth starting everything under your name once you’ve learned everything about the process to grow and stay in the music market.

Target & Promote

If you’re willing to spend some bucks to get better promotions of your music you should invest in Google Adverts. These advertisements will help you to target only the interested audience and let you have instant growth in your streams. If they like your music they will start subscribing to your profile and become your regular listeners.

Don’t overspend on the ads with the hopes of getting viral on the internet, this will only help you reach the targeted audience. This won’t make your music go viral on the internet.

Share Your Playlist

One of the easiest ways to Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify is creating multiple playlists. You can have multiple playlists under your profile where you can add songs for different occasions, moods, and times. These playlists will be visible to everyone and you can share your playlist with the public. If they listen to the songs you’ve added to the list, it will also give a boost to your profile views. If thousands of members listen to your playlist, chances are, a few of them will surely look into your profile and explore other gem music records.


So, this was all about the topic of Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify. If you know any other tips that an artist should try or things that he/she should avoid, then let us know about them. You can drop your ideas in the comments box and we will pin your post if it seems authentic and working for the users. Till then, enjoy the experience of streaming albums only with high-quality music on Spotify.

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