What is Spotify Color Palette? – Find Your Spotify Color Codes

So you believe that you have a unique taste in music and your playlists are far better than any other lists? Spotify Color Palette lets you know about your choices of music by sharing the familiar Spotify color codes with users. With this amazing feature, you can track the records of your recently streamed songs of the last 6 months.

You will get assigned a special color palette accordingly, and you can switch the color after another 6 months to see the difference. Maybe you’re still confused about what Spotify Color Palette is and how it makes any difference on Spotify. Let’s read the below article to know more:

What is Spotify Color Palette?

What is Spotify Color Palette

Spotify Color Palette is a feature that lets you find the color codes according to your music streams. There are some colors assigned to the users based on the tracks they listen to. If you have a unique choice of music, you will get some unique Spotify color codes, but if you’re going with the flow, you’ll get the same colors are others.

This feature belongs to a third-party platform that offers Spotify Color Palette options for users. You have to connect your Spotify account to the Spotify Color Palette platform and they will scan your profile and assign you a color palette instantly. There are multiple color options for every mood and genre of music, you can’t pick it yourself, instead, the tool will decide the best Spotify Color Palette for you.

How does Spotify Color Palette Work?

How Spotify Color Palette works

It’s a simple online tool that helps users find a color palette based on their playlists on Spotify. There are multiple colors for every mood and genre, you may get to choose between one or two options to decide which color palette is to your taste.

Now, let’s talk about How Spotify Color Palette Works:

  • You have to synchronize your Spotify account with the color palette tool.
  • It will scan your profile and analyze the details of your recent streams.
  • The tool will go through your music history of the past 6 months.
  • It will explore all the music albums, tracks, and genres that you’ve been listening to.
  • After collecting all the information from your profile, it will deliver a Spotify Color Palette to you.
  • The Color Palette can be of any color based on your taste in music and your recent streams.

A Few Examples:

If you’re a cheering and energetic person and love to listen to the party songs all the time. You will get the shades between red to orange.

If you love to stream LoFi beats and calm music then your Spotify Color Palettes will be either blue or green.

There are many more mood swings and genres available on Spotify to explore. Let’s find which genre has what color palette.

Types Of Spotify Color Palettes

Here were are going to talk about the different types of Spotify Color Palettes. There are several colors available for the palette but only a few are rare to see, most of the people go with the flow and listen to only the popular music tracks. But, a few love to dig deeper and find the most underrated albums, tracks, or artists and get addicted to the music. So, let’s see the different types of Spotify Color Palettes and check what they mean:

Red Spotify Color Palettes: These will be assigned to users who love to listen to high-energy and EDM songs. If you’re a party lover and your playlist has songs with high bass and rock bands then you will score the Red Spotify Color Palettes.

Orange Spotify Color Palettes: If you love to dance around or enjoy dancing privately in your room to your party songs then you will get the Orange Spotify Color Palettes. Here, all the tracks will be based on hip-hop or funky traps.

Yellow Spotify Color Palettes: Yellow represents calmness and if you’re a fan of happy and cheerful music then you will surely get the Yellow Spotify Color Palettes. Most people don’t get the Yellow Spotify Color codes because it’s hard to always listen to only a single type of genre.

Pastel Spotify Color Palettes: slightly different from the orange and red color palettes, Pastel Spotify Color Palettes are more focused on outdoor fun and traveling songs. If you love to put on your headphones and listen to your favorite party songs while traveling, you’ll be awarded with the yellow Spotify palette.

Find your Own Spotify Color Codes

Find your Own Spotify Color Codes

If you’re interested in getting your own Spotify Color Codes, here we have curated the list of steps that you should follow:

  • Visit the official website of Spotify Color Palettes at com
  • Login with your details and click on the Connect Your Spotify button.
  • Sync your Spotify account and fill in the login credentials.
  • Click on the Allow button in the prompt to grant all the permissions.
  • It will start scanning your account history and may take a few seconds.
  • You will get custom Spotify Color Palettes on your screen that you can save or share on your other social platforms.

Tips: Try this platform only if your Spotify account is old enough to let the crawlers collect your listening history. If you’re trying to get a Spotify Color Palette on a new account, it won’t be relevant at all.


Spotify Color Palette is just a fun feature that you can explore to find the colors based on your listening. The colors will change if you start listening to any other genre of music on Spotify. If you’re repeating the songs for 6 months, it will declare a specific color palette for Spotify that you can use to show others your music taste. It’s fun to have a custom and color full-color palette on Spotify if you’re a regular streamer of music. You can share your results on other social platforms with one click and guide them to check theirs too. Happy streaming and enjoy your music!

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